We're always stoked to hear what our students have to say about our surf school and their surfing experience with us.

Catch a Wave! (and more)

Achieved a decades long goal of learning to surf during a private lesson together with my teen-aged son. A very positive start was the overview of safety, both in the water and using the board which is always a good, professional approach for water sports. Also, the warming up exercises on the beach beforehand helped us get physically ready and 'stoked' for the ocean experience that followed. Our enthusiastic instructor was very observant and provided specific instructions on technique adjustments so that both my son and I were up and riding (my son in no time, me..I needed a bit more adjusting!) It was truly thrilling to experience my first waves on a surf board. Thanks Stoked team!

“Guided Surf Morning”

My boyfriend and I had a half-day surf session with Laurence. Since we were interested in learning about the different surf spots in Cape Town he brought us reading material on each spot, and we checked two spots before hopping in. It was a great way to get in the water, as we were new to Cape Town and unsure of which breaks were appropriate for us. Also we didn't have time to waste, so this was a good option to make the best use of our time. Always good to have advice from a local!

Annie M
“Awesome day surfing”

My husband and I took a group lesson while our two school aged sons took a private lesson at Muizenberg Beach. Both of our instructors were fantastic. They were thorough yet concise and so helpful in preparing us for success on the boards. All four of us stood up and rode some waves which was awesome. All of the instructors were super friendly, patient, and encouraging. It was the highlight of our trip. Michelle, the owner, couldn't have been nicer and took time out of her busy schedule to make a suggested itinerary with restaurant recs for our drive around the peninsula after surfing. Highly recommend this company for a great day surfing!!

Jean B
“Soooo stoked!! :)”

I Had a great time surfing with these guys. I did the 4day uber stoked package which is great value for money. The instructors are fantastic, I had Alexi and David and both were exteremely helpful and constantly giving tips to help me get up and stay up! They are clearly passionate about surfing and enjoy helping others learn. I can't thank you enough for the mornings I spent surfing with you both! It was the highlight of my holiday and I'll definitely be coming back to stoked when I return to Cape Town next year. 


The office side is well organised also, and the communication from that side was great, I had a fantastic experience from start to finish. Thanks guys :)

Dianne C
“Great private guiding around the Cape”

The Stoked team were simply fantastic... Everything was organised promptly via email and phone, they picked the perfect day of the week for the surf trip and on the day, the experience was excellent from start to finish. 

Tash, a former pro-surfer and surf legend in South Africa picked me up in a retro VW Golf, we stacked the boards on the roof and drove through Chapman's Peak checking out all the options that had been communicated via the "Tasha live surf network".

Not only was I taken to the best surf spot given the swell conditions, Tasha also coached me on a couple of areas that I was able to improve with immediate results. 

Love your work guys!

“Very cool surf experience, flexible when I had to cancel 1 extra lesson”

I had a very great experience with David, one of the Stoked coach. He had great advice and was able to adapt his coaching for both my friend and I, who have slightly different beginner level. Great Time with you guys !


Also to be mentioned, I had to cancel a class more than 24 hours in advance, and they reimbursed me with no struggle. Communication was smooth and easy. Very appreciated too. 


Will see you in a few years when I come back ;P

“Beginners Lesson again :)”

After 3 years I have returned to Cape Town and have decided to take another beginners surfing lesson, since I thought have forgotten everything I have learned 3 years ago. I was very excited to get all the information about waves (sculptures were built in the sand by Alexis our coach), equipment, animals in the water and so on. I felt very save and the group was really nice. I was able to stand up a couple of times and I got great advice on how to improve myself from one wave to another. I'm looking forward to practice surfing a lot more in the future and following the advice I have received from the coaches. Thanks a lot. Liebe für Stoked <3

“Great fun!”

I have participated both on their surf classes and a surf camp. Both of them have been great. I felt the teachers know well what they are doing. They are helpful but also give you your own space to experience surfing. 


The surf camp was awesome!

We drove with a minibus to a remote village close to the most southern point of Africa for the weekend. The trip included of course lots of surfing but also sandboarding and visits to some pretty cool sites not forgetting good food and couple of beers with good people. Simply brilliant!

“Relaxed And fun family Time!”

Went with a big group of twelve of us, of all ages. It worked extremely well. The instructors challenged us whilst making us feel safe and enthusiastic. A brilliant Cape Town experience and would highly recommend this company.

“excellence defined!!!!!”

In a world of mediocrity out pops stoked school of surf. During the month of December I utilized their services on three separate occasions and on each visit they outdid themselves! Promptly at 8:30 the driver and uber guide David showed up with his upbeat enthusiasm His co pilot and fellow surf instructor Alexis also shared his authentic enthusiasm. They were very good instructors and I could tell they really enjoyed their jobs. I have written many bad reviews but this one is a rave!!!!! Take a day off your repetitive wine tastings and have some fun. I am confident you will enjoy it!!!!!

“Surfing lessons for the whole family”

We were 7 People( 3 adults 4 children aged 8,8, 11 and 11)doing the two hour surfing introduction lesson. Everything was very well organized from arrival and during the two hours. This was the first time we went surfing and the total setup was extremely good. We had no expectations more than to have fun. We had the special soft boards, they picked an excellent location with the right size waves and had a very good ability to teach both children and adults in a very good way. Most important of all the had a very good positive attitude and were excellent coaches( big thanks Alex, Dave and Laurence) To sum it up shortly the kids all said they had their day of their life and wanted to surf tomorrow again :-) Last but not least it exceeded our expectations and all managed to surf standing on the surf board.

“Awesome surfing experience! ”

Been now with Stoked surfing school and loved every lesson! Me and my Gf had four lessons with David and Chester and they were great to us:) We had a blast and they were very helpful every step of the way! We also want to thank the office for all their help and for making awesome clothing :) thanx guys for making us smile, making it a fun experience but also for learning us loads! 

With much love 

Korre & Ellen (sweden)

Jorge A
“3-day surf camp - definitely a highlight”

The three day surf camp with Stoked Surf School was amazing.

We were a group of 10 persons and all enjoyed the time.

The surf lessons were very good and everyone gets personalized advice and assistance.

Our accommodation was close to the beach.

The weekend was combined with activities (visiting Southernmost Tip of Africa, hiking along sand dunes to hidden seas caves...). 

All in all - i can recommend this school to all who wants to learn surfing in South Africa.


Special thanks to our teachers David and Alexis. We had a lot of fun with you guys! :

Jessie, Anna, Ida, Nina, Luca, Philipp, Stella, Christin1707
“So Much Fun!”

We had so much fun learning to surf with David and Tasha. Our portion of the lesson was with David and he was very fun, easygoing and encouraging. He had us standing up and surfing in no time! The company was very quick to reply to e-mails and gave us plenty of notice of where pickup would be. The whole attitude of this company was very fun and positive. We couldn't recommend it more highly.

“Lesson with Chester”

Emailed the school before leaving UK and they arranged everything, fab! Had personal lesson with Chester who was brilliant, I learnt more from him in that one lesson than I have in total to date, also such a great guy to be with. 

If you've ever wondered what it's like just do it. I'm over 50 and a Kook, the best surfer is the one whose having the most fun! it's never too late.

Rich UK

“Killing It”

This place is da bomb I got my 15 year old boy who doesn't like doing anything but watch tv, play Xbox and text his friends but I thought of taking him here and it worked he is so social now and loves surfing.

“Amazing experience in Cape Town”

I had 5 sessions with Stoked School of Surf. Judo, Dave, Chester and Laurence did a fantastic job in coaching me, a totally beginner. The coaches are so professional and patient. I improved in every try. I could stand on the board in my second class. Laurence took me an amazing picture on the board in my last class. The month in Cape Town was one of the most memorable moments in my life.

“You're styling!”

That's what Michelle said :) My first surf lesson ever and I was blown away. By the surfing and by the STOKED team.


Went there with a group of four STOKED veteran friends for a morning session and in just two hours I went from zero to a record-shattering 5-second standing ride thanks to the incredible pragmatism and patience of Michelle's team. Ok, 5 seconds might not be much, but for a first timer like me felt like an achievement.


They provide everything you need and they even offered to arrange transport from Cape Town where I was staying.


You won't regret it. And Muizenburg beach is a beautiful place even if you are not into surfing!

Tommaso L
“The best surfing school in Cape Town”

My 11 year old twins have attended different surfing schools in Cape Town and in Hermanus. Michele with Stoked is by far the better organized and her attention to detail in teaching the children about the ocean and also how to be safe while at the same time having fun was greatly appreciated as I could relax and let them enjoy the experience.

“2-day surf camp”

I participated in the 2-day surf camp in April, 2014 and was thrilled with my experience! I was a beginner surfer and was able to stand up on the board by the end of the first lesson and turn by the end of the weekend. This camp is a great option for those with limited time - you get to learn surfing and enjoy the charm of Muizenberg all in a short weekender from Cape Town. Highly recommended!

Christina S
“Best surf trip!”

We found the Stoked School of Surf online and emailed them about our interest in a surf camp. Michelle promptly emailed us back and basically planned our surf trip for us which included a 3 day surf trip and 7 additional days surfing in Muizenberg. All the staff at Stoked were amazing and overly helpful, not just with teaching us to surf but answering all our questions and helping us figure out other activities to do. Overall, our amazing trip to Cape Town was a direct result of Michelle and her awesome crew!

“Learned more surfing within 2 hours with Stoked than within 1 week at a surf camp in California!!”

This was my first time in South Africa and I honestly have to say that surfing at Stoked was one of the highlights of my trip. Michelle and Sarah were both very friendly and professional. You could definitely tell that surfing is a passion for them and this shines through in a positive way in their teaching. They both know the various surfing areas really well and picked a spot that was suitable for the weather (and my surfing ability) that day. 


I've been surfing every now and again over the years, but i've never encountered teaching this good! For a long time, i've had challenges trying to turn on a longboard. By the end of the lesson, I was capable of turning both left and right. They also spotted some bad habits i'd picked up over the years and had some great advice on how to correct them. I could really feel a notable difference in the way I surfed and the number of waves I could catch by the end. 


My brother and I need to plan our next surf trip soon and I will definitely recommend Cape Town because of Stoked School of Surf. It is worth every penny!


Thank you SO much Michelle and Sarah! I hope next time i'm back, i'll be able to do the 5-day surf trip! :)

Matthew P
“Fun Surf Lessons”

You'll have fun.


That's all that matters. Some people get up on the board and some don't but you will have fun in a relaxed atmosphere where the instructors will be more your friends than a teacher. They love what they do.


The day starts with pickup and then off to the beach for some instruction, warm up, and guidance. The instructors will get in the water with you and help you get on the board. 


They find the waves and its up to you to brave the ocean waters. Don't worry, the wet suits will keep you plenty warm. The instructors will take some photos of your day and post them on the Stoked Facebook page for you to download. 


You should at least try surfing once in your lifetime. Maybe you will find a new passion. You will at least be able to say I surfed in Cape Town and was Stoked.


Bring your sunscreen, dry bag, towel, and some drinks and snacks for after the lesson.

“Easy way to get started surfing”

Surfing was the one thing my 14 year old son was desperate to try on our holiday in Cape Town. I'm a 52 year old Dad who has never tried surfing, nor had my son. Fortunately we received a gift certificate for an introductory lesson with Stoked, so our decision to choose this company was settled. I wrote this review as soon as we returned to our flat. Our instructor, Sarah Jane, made the experience fun, safe and exciting for both my son and myself. When I made the booking on the phone, she advised us to bring sunscreen, a towel and bathing suits (costume, swimmy) that were not too baggy.


We met up with Sarah Jane at Big Bay, near Blouwbergstrand, a long sandy beach popular for surfing and kiteboarding. After squeezing ourselves like sausages into our wet suits and grabbing our boards (designed especially for beginning surfers), we followed her down to the beach, where she snapped a quick souvenir photo of us posing with our boards before the magnificent view of Table Mountain draped in its 'table cloth'. 


First Sarah Jane explained the basics of safely getting onto the board and upright on the wave. I was glad that she emphasized safety first, especially with a teenager who might get ahead of himself.


We practiced the basic moves on dry land a couple of times, then waded out into the long, gentle waves for our first attempts. Needless to say, as a not so fit guy, I struggled to get up past kneeling on the board, but Sarah Jane was fantastically patient and encouraging. My son took to it like a natural, and with Sarah Jane's guidance was up and riding the board in no time. She also took plenty of photos with her waterproof camera, which she promised would be posted to their Facebook page by tomorrow for bragging rights :)


After about an hour and a half of fun, we dragged ourselves up the beach, tired but happy novice boarders. Well, I dragged myself, my son was ready to go again! If you're at all inclined to try this sport, I highly recommend you give Sarah Jane or her sister Michelle at Stoked a call.

“Michelle Davy is the highest standard of quality.”

If true professionalism had a face it would be the angel face of Michelle Davy. Michelle is always on time, always positive and always ready to go. On top of that she is a born teacher and a very effective instructor. She taught me basic surfing in June 2011. Whether rain or shine, Michelle would drive us to Muizenberg, get in the ocean and coach. 


But Michelle does not limit herself to just surfing. She took me on a wine tour as well. After my last surfing lesson we got in her car and drove to 3 different wineries. Needless to say it was a perfect end of my stay in Cape Town.


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